health insurance portability
health insurance portability

Best Health Insurance – 2022 Health Insurance Information

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Best Health Insurance: Portability means the right granted to a natural person who has the Best health insurance (including family insurance) to obtain credit obtained by the insured under pre-existing conditions and exclusion periods. if the previous policy will continue without interruption.

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What is Portability in Best Health Insurance?

Best Health Insurance portability refers to the process of transferring your existing Best Health Insurance policies to a new Best Health Insurance plan without losing the accrued benefits such as no-claim bonus (NCB), waiting for time credit, free medical checkups, and more. gives customers the freedom to switch to a better Best Health Insurance provider if they are not satisfied with their current insurance or insurance company.

Best Health Insurance
What is Portability in Health Insurance?

Every insured person has the right to contribute if the previous health insurance is renewed without interruption. To use this provision, the policyholder must ask the insurance company at least 45 days before the date of renewal of the premium of the current insurance policy where he wants to present his health insurance. If the policyholder fails to do so, it is up to the insurer to review the portability request.

Rules for Portability Best Health Insurance

The IRDAI sets out some rules on health insurance portability that politicians and insurance companies must follow. Let’s look at the different rules for taking out health insurance below:

CategoriesBest Health Insurance Portability Rules
Company TypePolicyholders may transfer policies from any general or specialist insurance undertaking to a specialist other than the general insurance undertaking.
Time to Port a PolicyBest Health Insurance can only be taken out during the current contract change. It is not possible in the middle of the insurance period.
Portability IntimationPeople who want to opt for health insurance portability should notify their current insurance company in writing and discuss the company they want to transfer. They must also apply for a new insurance company at least 45 days before changing their existing insurance policy.
Porting ChargesBest Health Insurance portability does not involve any porting charges.
Shifting Plans Within the Same CompanyPolicyholders can move from one health insurance plan to another within the same company.
Rules for Portability health insurance

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List of Required Documents for Portability of a Health Insurance Policy

From Previous Insurer:

  • Previous year’s policy certificates
  • Latest renewal notice with a clear mention of coverage continuity, etc.
  • Self-declaration by policyholders in no-claim cases
  • Documents like discharge summary, investigation report, etc. if any claims have been filed

From New Insurer:

  • Filled proposal form
  • Filled portability form

Advantages and Disadvantages of Health Insurance Portability:

Know Health Insurance Advantages and Disadvantages Before Making a Decision  - ABC Money
Advantages and Disadvantages of Health Insurance Portability:


  • Customized policy – Portability allows policyholders to modify their policy to suit their current health requirements. One can add new nominees or opt for an additional cover, as per their lifestyle changes.
  • No time-bound exclusions – Individuals can opt for portability without having to worry about any time-bound exclusions.
  • Continuation of previous benefits – All benefits of an old policy continue to remain in force even after portability.
  • Lower premiums – Increasing competition ensures that companies are willing to offer existing benefits at lower premiums, offering policyholders the opportunity to save money.


  • Timely – Policyholders can opt for portability only when their policy is due for renewal. Portability is not allowed at other times.
  • No significant policy change – Policyholders cannot move to policies that are totally different. They can port to only similar types of policies.
  • Higher premiums – Additional benefits could mean higher premiums, which can erase any monetary benefit.

Rejection of applications for health insurance portability

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Rejection of applications for Best Health Insurance portability

While the IRDAI empowers all policyholders to wear, it also gives health insurers the right to reject all requests to wear. As a result, all portable applications are considered new and are subject to subscriber control.

If the Best Health Insurance company receives a takeover request, the underwriter assesses the risk exposure and determines the amount of the premium to be paid. The insurer may reject the proposal if it is found unfavorable. In such a case, the policyholder has no choice but to continue with the existing insurer.

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