family health insurance plan
family health insurance plan

Health Insurance For Family – 2022 Full Information About All The Best Plans

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Health Insurance For Family plans cover the whole family within a certain amount of insurance. Under family health insurance, you can cover various health care costs for two or more family members, including hospital hospitalization costs, hospital and hospital care costs, hospitalization costs, daycare costs, and so on.

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What is Health Insurance For Family?

A Health Insurance For Family plan is a type of health insurance that covers all members of your family under one Health Insurance For Family policy. Under this plan, a certain amount of insurance is shared by all family members, assuming that not everyone falls ill at the same time. Most fHealth Insurance For Family plans offer free hospitalization, maternity benefits, and coverage before and after hospitalization.

why to buy family health insurance
What is Family health insurance?

Benefits of Buying Health Insurance For Family Plans

There are a number of benefits available to insured family members with floating family Health Insurance For Family plans. For example, you can get coverage for all family members, regardless of age, under one insurance policy. Here is a quick overview of the key benefits of buying family health insurance:

  1. Cover the cost of stress – Free hospitalization

In the case of hospitalization, the insured family member can use cashless treatment from the insurer’s hospital network and an individual health plan. This way, you can get any member of your family who is eligible for medical care without compromising their treatment.

  1. Get health insurance coverage for parents in the same plan

Many health insurance companies allow people to include their parents and father-in-law in a family health plan without additional premiums. You can guarantee the health of your parents and your spouse’s parents in one plan.

  1. Cheap Premium

Because family health insurance plans do not require you to pay individual premiums to all family members, you can cover your spouse, children, and parents in one cheap premium under the same plan. However, it is advisable to purchase individual health insurance for your parents due to their age-related health problems.

  1. Quickly secure new family members

With family health insurance plans, you can easily add a new family member to pay special premiums. Unlike individual insurance, you do not have to take out new insurance every time you join your family. If you are adding your parents to an existing family health insurance plan, don’t forget to increase the sum insured.

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What does the family health insurance plan cover?

Take a look at the most common coverage available under family health insurance plans:

  • Patient hospitalization costs – All costs of hospitalization longer than 24 hours due to illness or injury are covered.
  • Day care procedures – Covers the costs of day care procedures that require hospitalization of less than 24 hours.
  • Ambulance costs – the costs incurred in using the hospital outpatient clinic during a medical emergency are reimbursed.
  • Pre and Post-Hospitalization Expenses – the costs of medical expenses before and after hospitalization incurred on admission to the hospital (medical examination, tests, etc.) and after discharge (follow-up consultation, etc.) are also reimbursed.
  • Maternity Insurance – Most family health insurance plans have maternity coverage that covers the costs associated with pregnancy and the cost of the newborn.

Eligibility criteria for the purchase family health insurance plan

Family Health Insurance Plans - Best Mediclaim Policy For Family 2022
Eligibility criteria for the purchase of family health insurance plan

Every family health insurance plan has eligibility criteria. Although the eligibility criteria vary from plan to plan, the following table shows the common eligibility criteria for family health insurance plans in India:

Categories Specification
Minimum Entry Age adult – 18 years
Children – 90 days
Maximum Entry Age Adult – 65 years
Children – 25 years
Family Member covered Self, spouse, dependent children, dependent parents, and parents-in-law
Renewability Lifetime
Eligibility criteria for the purchase family health insurance plan

There are a few important points about Health Insurance For Family plans that you need to know before you decide to buy a plan. These points are listed below:

  • A family health plan allows you to join new policy members for an additional premium.
  • The insurance policy ends when the oldest member of the family reaches the maximum age of the person.
  • You should decide to increase the guaranteed amount by including new family members in the insurance to ensure adequate coverage for each family member.

A family health insurance plan better than an individual health plan

Which One Should You Choose: Individual or Family Floater Health Insurance  Plan - Finance Buddha Blog | Enlighten Your Finances
A family health insurance plan is better than an individual health plan

If you need health insurance for family, it is better to buy a family health insurance plan every day than to buy an individual insurance policy. Family health insurance covers all members of your family and the insurance company only has to pay one premium.

On the other hand, an individual health plan consists of only one person. Therefore, you should purchase a separate health plan for each family member with a different premium. The combined premiums for many individual insurance policies may be higher than for a family health plan.

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