health insurance for parents
health insurance for parents

Health Insurance for Parents – 2022 Best Mediclaim For Parents.

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Health Insurance for Parents is insurance in which the insurer is responsible for reimbursing medical expenses incurred as a result of illness. These costs may include hospitalization, medical costs, consultation with a doctor, and so on. Purchasing health insurance for your parents can reduce the burden and ensure that your parents’ health is well taken care of.

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What is health insurance for parents?

Health Insurance for Parents is a unique plan designed to meet the health needs of parents. It provides full coverage against medical conditions that can occur due to old age and result in high treatment costs. In addition, it has a higher sum insured. It offers attractive features such as annual health checks, cashless treatments, etc., allowing them to manage their medical expenses well.

What Is Covered Under The Health Insurance for Parents Policy?

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What Is Covered Under Health Insurance for Parents?

The following are the costs that the insurer is willing to pay:

  • Hospital costs: A serious illness or disease may require the patient to visit the hospital. Nowadays, hospital expenses get in the air and it is sometimes difficult for the average person to cover the expenses. So in such cases the insurer will go out to financially support the insured.
  • Before and after medical expenses: Health insurance also covers the insured’s expenses before and after hospitalization.
  • Pharmacy costs: The insurance also covers the cost of purchasing drugs and other medical supplies.
  • Day care treatments: Treatments that do not require continuous monitoring in hospitals are also covered by insurance companies.

What Is Not Covered Under Health Insurance for Parents?

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Not Covered Under Health Insurance for Parents?
  • Any previous illness or injury
  • Treatment other than allopathy
  • Self-injury
  • Dental treatment costs
  • Plastic or cosmetic surgery
  • Costs associated with the purchase of mirrors, lenses, etc.

The importance of health insurance for parents.

By paying a small premium, you can guarantee the safety of your parents. Some of the meanings of health insurance companies are:

  • Prevent and minimize unexpected financial losses
  • Access to quality health care
  • It ensures the financial stability of the insured
  • Contribute to a stress-free life
  • Helps save taxes

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Why do you need health insurance for your parents?

Purchasing adequate health insurance for your parents is essential to ensure that they receive the best medical care without financial worries. So if you want to buy your parents the best health insurance plan, you can consider the following parameters:

  • Paid by the health insurance company It is important that you go through the benefits of insurance coverage. Take a look at some important factors such as insurance duration, pre- and post-hospital coverage, critical illness coverage, day care procedures, patient hospitalization, Ayush treatment, hospitalization, etc.
  • Sufficient sum insured Because your parents are more vulnerable to health risks due to their age factor, you should choose a higher sum insured. This will ensure that they receive the best treatment available without any financial constraints.
  • Advantages of the Tax The health insurance premium you pay for your parents is also eligible for tax exemption under section 80 D. If you pay the premium for yourself and your parents under the age of 60, your total health insurance premium limit is Rs 50,000. And if your parents are over 60, the limit will be up to Rs 75,000. However, this may change according to applicable tax limits.

Parental health insurance application process

Steps To Choose A Good Health Insurance Plan
Parental health insurance application process

Here are some easy ways to get a down payment under a parental health insurance contract.

For cashless claim

  • Fill in the network hospital’s pre-authorization form for cashless approval
  • As soon as the hospital informs the company, the insurance company will send a status update
  • He can be admitted to the hospital with the prior consent of him
  • At the time of the release, the company was negotiating the claim directly with the hospital

For reimbursement claim

  • The policyholder must pay the fees in advance and keep the original invoices.
  • After being released to the hospital, the policyholder sends all the company’s invoices and treatment documents.
  • Subsequently, the company will verify the invoices related to the complaint and the documents on processing.
  • The company sends the approved sum insured to the policyholder’s bank accounts

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