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2022 Best Student Insurance Plans In India

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For international students, India is a great country to offer Student Insurance Plans, and India has some of the most historic and exotic places in the world, such as the Taj Mahal, to the stunning beaches of Goa. More and more international students are choosing to study in India and this trend will continue!

In addition to its unique culture and landscape, India has a network of 42 central universities and 243 state universities – and this does not include private institutions. The Indian degree system is influenced by the British degree system and offers programs leading to master’s and doctoral degrees. With 575 institutions at the university level in the Indian higher education system, international students will certainly find a program that suits their needs.

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Healthcare In India Healthcare For Students

Students wishing to study in India must apply for an international student visa and provide all supporting documentation for this application. Student Insurance Plans are not required for student visas, so students do not have to prove they have health insurance, but we strongly recommend that you purchase insurance before traveling. Not only will it cover your medical needs, but international plans also include evacuation and repatriation, which are very important benefits when traveling abroad.

Benefits Of Health Student Insurance Plans

benefits of student health insurance plan
Benefits of student health insurance plan

If you plan to study abroad, you can seek health insurance for students. Health insurance is mandatory if you are migrating to other countries to study. Many students pay high premiums for health insurance plans in the countries they study. However, student insurance plans are available at cheaper rates in India and are more comprehensive than those available abroad. We have listed ten benefits offered by health insurance plans for students in India.

  1. Cashless Hospitalization – Student health insurance plans provide cashless hospitalization if you have been diagnosed with an illness or accident and need medical attention. The insurance also covers dentists’ and doctors’ consultations. The best part is that all claims can be settled free of charge.
  2. Medical treatment and diagnostic tests Your doctor may prescribe medical help or diagnostic treatment or tests such as X-rays, ultrasound, or blood tests for further diagnosis. These costs are also covered by student health insurance.
  3. Includes mental health – Students’ lives are stressful, which can affect their mental health. This recognizes that some universities require health insurance for students to cover the cost of mental health. The health plan for students therefore also covers therapy and other related costs
  4. Shipping Costs – You may need to travel to the doctor or hospital. Student health insurance plans also cover travel expenses you may incur on arrival at the hospital. It can also include the cost of an ambulance if you are seriously ill or have an accident and need help traveling to the hospital.
  5. Transport back to India – If your illness is serious and you want to return to India, the insurance plan will cover the cost of transporting the same. The plan will also pay for the travel expenses of someone who will accompany you based on the need and need of the same.

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Best Travel Student Insurance Plans for Students in India

The best travel Student Insurance Plans cover two things – medical needs and travel expenses. It also offers wider coverage than any other type of insurance. Any unfortunate accident can lead to an emergency admission to the hospital. For students studying abroad, this can burn a huge hole in their pockets. They may need financial help to deal with sudden expenses.

Best Travel Insurance Plans for Students in India
Best Travel Student Insurance Plans in India

Most student travel plans are suitable for the 16 to 40 age group. The policy can usually be purchased for at least one year according to the provider’s terms and conditions and can be renewed three months before it expires. Not all travel insurance providers in India offer travel conditions to students. Below is a list of all travel insurers that offer the best student travel insurance plan in India:

  • Bajaj Allianz Student Travel Insurance
  • Bharti AXA Smart Traveller Student
  • Chola Student Travel Protection Plan
  • Future Student Suraksha
  • National Overseas Mediclaim Employment and Studies
  • New India Overseas Mediclaim Insurance (Employment & Studies)
  • Oriental Overseas Mediclaim – Employment and Study
  • Reliance Student Travel Insurance Plan
  • Care (Formerly Religare) Student Explore
  • Royal Sundaram Travel Secure – Student Plan

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