What are the most difficulties in Kalyug?

Difficulties in Kalyug

All kinds of things keep happening about Kaliyuga. In such a situation, everyone seems worried about it, how will the coming time be? difficulties in Kalyug In such a situation, today we will tell you those special interesting things related to Kalyug which are written in many religious texts.

According to Pandit Sunil Sharma, a lot has been told about Kalyug in Brahma Vaivarta Purana, the same Kali Yuga is going on now, and a total of 5000 years have passed after the end of Dwapara Yuga. Unrighteousness has started spreading, in such a situation, now humans have stopped trusting each other.

According to religious texts, such a time will also come in Kali Yuga when the age of a person will be very short, and youth will end. In the coming time, old age will come only at the age of 20, in the texts, the period from the beginning to the end of this universe is divided into four eras i.e. Satyuga, Tretayuga, Dwaparayuga, and Kaliyuga.

Many interesting things have been written in many religious texts regarding the end time of Cayuga, let us know some similar things related to this era….

On the basis of these divine years of the deities, the duration of the four yugas in

Human solar years is as follows –

Satyuga 4800 (divine year) 17,28,000 (solar year)

Treta Yuga 3600 (divine year) 12,96,100 (solar year)

Dwapara Yuga 2400 (divine year) 8,64,000 (solar year)

Kaliyuga 1200 (divine year) 4,32,000 (solar year)

In Kali Yuga, at the age of 16, people’s hair will mature and they will become old only at the age of 20. Puberty will end. This also seems to be true, because in ancient times the average age of humans lived to be about 100 years.

At that time there were people who lived more than 100 years, but in today’s time, the average age of humans has become very less (60-70 years). In the future also, the possibilities of reducing the average age of humans are very high, because the natural environment is continuously deteriorating and our daily routine has become unbalanced.

In the olden times, the hair was white only after a long age, but in today’s time, the hair of both men and women becomes white in their youth. Diseases of old age start occurring in the days of youth.

Men will be subordinate to women-

Lord Narayan himself has told Narada that a time will come in Kali Yuga when all men will live their lives under the control of women. In every house, the wife will rule over the husband. Husbands will have to listen to scolding, the condition of men will become like servants.

Food and fruits will not be found-

There will come a time when the production of food from the ground will stop. The trees will not bear fruit. Gradually all these things will disappear. The cow will stop giving milk.

Society will turn violent

Society will turn violent in Kali Yuga. Only those who are strong will rule. Humanity will be destroyed. Relationships will end. One brother will become the enemy of another brother.

People will start seeing and hearing –

In Kali Yuga, people will turn away from the scriptures. Immoral literature will be the only choice of the people. Only bad words and bad words will be dealt with.

Both men and women will become unrighteous!

A time will come in Kali Yuga when both men and women will become unrighteous. Women will stop following pativrata dharma and men will do the same. All Vedic rules relating to men and women will disappear.

The numeral of thieves and criminals will increase

In Kaliyuga, the number of thieves and criminals will increase so much that the common man will not be able to live life properly. People will become violent towards each other and sin will enter everyone’s mind.

Kalki will incarnate – the destruction of the unrighteous!

In the last period of Kali Yuga, there will be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu as Kalki. This incarnation will take birth in the house of a Brahmin named Vishnuyasha. Lord Kalki will destroy all the unrighteous. Lord Kalki will destroy all the unrighteous from the earth in just three days and rule the world for many years and establish religion.

At the end of the era such a catastrophe will come-

At the end of Kali Yuga, there will be continuous rain from a very thick stream, due to which the water will become water all around. There will be water on the whole earth and there will be an end to the living beings. This is followed by a sandhi period of 170,000 years (the time between the end of one era and the beginning of another era is called Sandhikal). In the last phase of Sandhikal, twelve suns will rise simultaneously and due to their brilliance the earth will dry up and Satya Yuga will begin again.

According to religious texts, whenever there is a loss of religion, God takes an avatar and ends unrighteousness. With this message in Hinduism, there are mythological episodes of many incarnations of God in different eras, who freed the world from sorrow and fear. In fact, they also contain many lessons in embracing truth and good works. Along with this, with the change of the era, signs of an increase of unrighteousness and sinful deeds in the deeds, thoughts and behavior of the creatures have also been indicated.